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Boat Docks

If you are in Naples, Fl, Naples Seawall Service is the premier boat dock contractors near you! Offering top-quality services that pay meticulous attention to detail, you can be assured that when you work with us, your boat dock will be the best it can be. Able to provide all kinds of services that you require, we are the team to support you in every stage, with everything from initial installation, to repairs, and refurbishing. For the best contractors around who’s goal is to ensure your safety and stability, get in touch today.

Dock Builders

Building a dock is a highly complex job that requires an extremely experienced and well- trained team. As your local expert dock builders, we are the company to provide custom design docks that suit exactly your tastes and your needs. With a whole range of styles, materials, and aesthetics to choose from, we are proud to be the number one recommended team in our area. We take the time to ensure every element is just how you want it, with specialist features and materials easily sourced and installed. Our team of experts will build your deck to the highest standard, ensuring longevity in its strength, durability, and beauty!

Our boat dock builders will help you design the perfect dock for your vessel, ensuring that everything fits perfectly. A dock is similar to a deck in many ways, but you should always keep a portion above water. A dock that is partially submerged is subject to harsher weather conditions. Additionally, a dock that is too high above the water makes it difficult to access, so consider all of your options before beginning construction. Our boat dock builders in Naples, FL will provide you with a quote for your dock and make a recommendation based on the measurements and aesthetics of your space.

Another advantage of hiring our boat dock builders is that you don't have to own a boat to use their services. Many property owners find that the added space allows them to use the dock for other purposes. Not only can they relax and spend time on the water, but they can also entertain guests and increase the value of their property. And the best part is that boat dock builders are willing to work with you if you don't have a boat! You can rely on dock professionals in Naples, FL for everything from custom boat docks to rip rap shoreline construction. In addition, they can also install a private boat ramp on your property. Our dock builders will grade the lake embankment and dredge the area around it, and they will also pour and run a concrete boat ramp year round. And, if your new dock is located on a sensitive area, our team will work with local agencies to ensure that it meets all necessary regulations.

Dock Repairs

If your dock has been leaking, sinking, or otherwise not functioning as it should, you need to contact our boat dock repair service in Naples, FL. We will inspect the dock for issues and make a full report so you know exactly what needs to be done to fix it. Having a dock inspected every year is recommended for optimal function. Having the dock inspected after a storm is another good reason to hire our boat dock repair service. If you already have a dock it is important to remember how much strain it is under. Consequently, you should keep an eye out for any signs of damage or other issues so that they can be dealt with quickly, and we can help you to keep things running safely. All you need to do is get in contact with us, and we are here to help! With a fast response rate, we will send out one of our experts at a time convenient to you, and they will perform a full assessment of the issue. Once they have a clear picture of what is going on, they will advise you on your next best steps. All of our repairs are performed to excellent standards, and we promise longevity, strength, and durability in all that we do.

The type of dock that needs repair will depend on the problems that are causing the damage. Some docks are removable, while others are permanent. Some materials can be damaged by water or changing temperatures, and some can even rot and rust. The type of material will also affect the cost of the repair. Some materials are easier to work with than others. If you have a wooden dock, you should treat it annually with a nontoxic sealant and repair any damage with epoxy. You should also look for any nails that are broken or missing.

Whether your dock is wooden or concrete, it requires regular maintenance and cleaning. Cleaning the wood regularly with environmentally friendly cleaners will help to prevent rotting. Checking for rotten boards is also essential. Make sure that the lumber you use is treated to prevent rot and degradation. Keeping metal fasteners clean will help to prevent rust. You should also inspect and spray mooring lines with rust inhibitive spray as needed. When you hire a boat dock repair service, they will examine the structure of your dock from the underwater. A professional will look for loose nails and check for structural problems. Wooden docks and railings will be examined for signs of rot or damage. Replacements will be waterproofed to prevent moisture from damaging the wood. If needed, a professional will also provide a pressure wash to remove algae. This is a great way to prevent algae from growing in the dock, and it will also ensure the structural integrity of the dock.

Custom Design

If you love the idea of a customized boat dock, you're not alone. Our custom dock service means that you really can have whatever you want for your new dock! We offer you the opportunity to work with an exceptional quality designer, who will help you to bring your vision to life. They will listen carefully to your needs and wants and will offer any suggestions or recommendations. We encourage you to take your time during this process so that you can be sure your every want is achieved! Then the building can start!

There are many advantages to custom boat docks. Unlike car docks, these are more flexible and take up less space on the water. They are perfect for secluded areas with just one boat, or for entertaining guests. Customized boat docks are easy to install and take up less space than regular boat slips. The built-in vinyl rub rail and double truss internal telescoping leg stands allow for ease of installation. You can have your custom boat dock built with the help of our seawall services in Naples, FL. With custom boat docks, your house can become a luxurious outdoor living space. You can have a late-night stroll or have an impromptu picnic. You can even enjoy your waterfront by boat with friends and family. The cost of a custom boat dock may add to your construction budget, but it's well worth the investment in the long run.

In addition to the types of boats that can safely access your dock, you can consider the design of the dock itself. There are two basic types of floating dock: hip and half. The latter provides flexibility of covered and uncovered seating areas and is cost-effective. In addition, pilings are ideal for docks with heavy load. These roofs are sloped on all sides with a pyramid-shaped peak. They are more architecturally complex than traditional gable roofs, and are self-bracing. Aluminum decking is a choice for boat docks. It will not rot and decay. It only needs occasional cleaning. Aluminum also remains lightweight, making it a perfect choice for boat docks in areas with frequent storms. If you are worried about weight issues, this type of dock will be the most durable and safest option for you. Our professional boat dock builder can give you advice on materials that will work best in your environment and complement your landscaping.

Other Elements

Alongside our top-quality dock building services, we are also experts in seawall construction, repair, and restoration. We are here to protect your property from any kind of hazards from the sea, including erosion protection. If you don't want to own a boat, you can still hire a boat dock builder to construct one for you. These professionals will build your dock according to local regulations, including a permit for private dock construction. Besides building a dock, you can also use it for other purposes, such as fishing and swimming. A dock may also add value to your property if you don't own a boat. If you do own a boat, you can still use your dock as a place to entertain guests. As the best of the seawall companies near you, for all your waterside protection, get in touch today. Work with the most trusted team around and keep all the services in one place- saving you time, confusion, and money!