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Boat Lifts

If you are looking for the best boat lift service providers in the area, you have come to the right place! Naples Seawall Service offers top standard boat lifting that ensures absolute safety and protection for your boat. We have a team of incredibly experienced, expert staff who work with state-of-the-art equipment and methods. Our boat lift services include installation and repair of boat lifts. Whether you are looking for a cable lift, air lift, or hydraulic platform, we can provide the perfect solution for your unique needs. And we'll make sure to maintain your boat lift's safety by providing regular maintenance. With so many benefits, it's no wonder we're a top choice for boat owners in the Naples area. And don't forget about our boat storage solutions and services! Able to deal with all kinds of boats, get in touch to find out more!

Florida Dock and Boat Lifts

As the premier seawall boat lift service provider in Naples, Fl, join many other people with our frequently used boat lift service with an operator. Working with specialist equipment of the highest quality, and a team of experts who are exceptionally highly trained and experienced, you are in the best hands. Our goal is to ensure absolute safety and efficiency for your boat, working with meticulous attention to detail and taking care every step of the way. Considered trustworthy and reliable by the many people who work with us, for any boat lifts you require, be sure to get in touch today.

If you are looking for a safe and effective refuge from saltwater, debris, and algae, our boat lift services in Naples, FL can help. Boat lifts are a significant investment, and proper maintenance is essential to keep them in excellent shape. A boat lift protects your investment, keeping it in tiptop shape and ensuring that it functions properly. The double v-side design of a boat lift makes it easier to access the boat. The double v-side design makes it easier to get to the boat and can be easily accessed by a family member. The double v-side design also makes accessing your watercraft easier than ever. Lastly, a boat lift is a great investment for your waterfront property. It is well worth the investment. So, consider our seawall services in Naples, FL for your boat lift needs and put your investment into good hands today.

Whether you have a galvanized steel boat lift or a stainless steel one, it is essential to regularly maintain the cables that lift the rack assembly. They bear the entire weight of your watercraft, so they are especially susceptible to wear and tear. Stainless steel cables are prone to rust, so periodic maintenance is a must. Cables should also be inspected regularly to detect and address problems. Improper maintenance could result in a costly repair or replacement. A boat lift not only prevents damage from friction, it also prevents the growth of algae and other aquatic life that can adversely impact the performance of a boat. It also secures it above a storm surge and provides backup protection against sinking. If you are a first-time user of a boat lift service, we can provide you with training. If you aren't comfortable using a boat lift yourself, you can hire a marine contractor to show you how to use it.

How Does Boat Lifting Work?

Our boat lift service requires two of our expert operators who have vast experience working in this field and with our specialist hoist system. They will carefully, and with meticulous attention to detail, secure the boat into the seawall davit and lift it out of the water. Once it is up, we can either take it over to the dockyard for services to be performed while on land, or it can remain in the hoist, and services such as a hull steam clean can be done before carefully lowering the boat straight away back into the water. Whatever your need, you can be assured that for the safest and most careful boat lift service in Florida, we are the team to help.

A hydraulic boat lift provides a safe and convenient way to store and transport a boat. This type of lift comes with a wide variety of features and is available in four different sizes. Standard v-hull boats can use a cantilever lift, and pontoons and tritoons can use a vertical lift. Both lifts feature remote control fobs for ease of operation. These lifts are typically self-contained and can be installed and removed easily, allowing the boat owner to maintain it at home. Hydraulic boat lifts are built with multiple safety features and convenience in mind. A single-cylinder model will not have any uprights to cause problems, and it does not obstruct the view of the lake when it is in the down position. A single-cylinder lift will not have any problems with corrosion, since the cylinder is housed in oil. The cylinder will be lubricated with water to keep it working smoothly.

Cantilever for boat lifts are the strongest types of lifts currently available. They are comprised of two H-shape structures that utilize leverage to pull the boat out of the water. The cable pulling the boat up is pulled in a diagonal and horizontal direction, making it easier to winch the boat from the water. Unlike other types of lifts, however, the cantilever for boat lifts pivot back four feet from the uprights. A cantilever lift is constructed of corrosion-resistant aluminum and requires no painting. The lift carriage moves backward into deeper water when it drops. This design offers a high level of reliability and ease of use. Its simple construction makes it an excellent choice for boat storage. It also features an adjustable winch for more flexibility. The winch is typically positioned on both sides of the lift and has a 32" diameter wheel. It also features white polyester rollers to gently guide the boat onto the lift.

A piling mount for boat lift is an excellent choice if you're not interested in spending a lot of money on a new boat. These lifts are mounted directly to a pile and are available in AC and DC power models. They also require installation by a boat house contractor. Unlike floating docks, however, a piling mount lift is permanently attached to the pilings. In the event that you decide to install a piling mount for boat lift, be sure to ask your contractor for help. A piling mount boat lift can be attached to a dock or to pilings. This method requires a strong dock and custom installation of pilings. It also does not depend on the water depth or the bottom structure of the boat. Electricity is generally required. These lifts can be operated manually or with a motor. But you should note that they may cost a little more than a floating dock. Besides being more expensive, piling mount boat lifts will help you keep the condition of your boat in the best possible condition.

Why Would I Need Boat Lifts?

A boat lift service is the best way to get your boat out of the water, usually so works can be done on it. It is also useful if you want to transfer the boat to another area by road or take it out of the water for the colder months. In all of these situations, our specialist equipment and expert team are the ideal solutions to efficiently and safely lift your boat. No matter the reason, type of boat, or weight, we have a whole range of equipment to successfully lift your boat to wherever you need it.

Boat lift motors are vital to the proper operation of your dock, but they are also susceptible to a variety of problems. Faulty wiring, burnt fuses, and improper voltage can all cause your boat lift motor to stop working properly. If you've noticed that your motor has stopped working, it may be time to get a professional marine technician to fix it for you.

Water can corrode almost all metals. Boats are particularly susceptible to rust. This can occur on electrical hardware and wiring, as well as on the underside of a stationary boat. Over time, rust will form in these parts, and undergrowth will also grow on the boat. Water will also stain and leave unsightly color lines. If your boat is parked in the water for extended periods of time, passing boats may send water into your engine, which can lead to catastrophic damage. If you need a boat lift service to raise your vessel, consider a few tips to protect your vessel from rust and corrosion. Although boat lifts are generally made of sturdy materials, they are still prone to damage caused by water. Regularly check your boat lift's hydraulic system for rust and corrosion. Replace any frayed or worn cable and rinse the boat in fresh water after each use. If you notice that your boat is exposing itself to water, make sure to contact our service provider to schedule maintenance.

A properly operated boat lift will not damage your watercraft. However, it must be driven with care to avoid any damage. The driver should read and understand the owner's manual and operate the lift as instructed. Always remember to adjust the center of gravity of the watercraft before operation. Always use a guide post to position your watercraft on the cradle. Using the boat lift in this way will avoid hitting the bottom of the watercraft and losing cable tension.


All equipment that we use is of the highest quality. Working with only the best, we have a whole range of specialist equipment that means we can deal with all kinds of boats, weights, and conditions. Our seawall davit is the primary piece of equipment which is the hoist element. It is secured carefully using top standard equipment and ensures absolute safety and protection for your boat. As we work with the Florida Shoreline and Foundation, you can be assured that all equipment is top standard and is sure to provide excellent protection and strength.