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Seawall Repairs

Naples Seawall Service is the number one provider of protection to Naples seawalls. Considered the most trustworthy and reliable seawall builders around, you can be assured that when you work with us, you are in good hands. Offering unbeatable quality repairs and refurbishments, we are the team to support you at every stage of your seawall’s life. Our team of seawall experts in Naples, FL have decades of experience between them and know just how to achieve the best results in every situation. For the best seawall services around, you have come to the right place!

Dock and Seawall Repair

The seawalls around us take incredible amounts of pressure from the water on one side and land on the other. These coastal retaining walls when installed well, by a team such as our own, will last between 30 and 50 years. After this time major repairs may be required. Before this, you may need minor ones too. As your local experts in dock repair, we are here to ensure your absolute safety and protection at all times. Our team of experts have vast experience and are incredibly skilled. They know exactly the best way to work with all kinds of seawalls and will perform long-lasting, durable, and efficient repairs.

A seawall separates dry land from water. The seawall also protects the yard soil from being eroded by water. With time, the seawall may develop problems that can compromise its integrity. Our seawall repair services can fix problems such as base soil washing away or cracks. If you're looking for a reliable and fast seawall repair company, look no further. We provide extensive structural warranties and offer competitive rates. Seawall repairs can save your property from having to replace the seawall or bulkhead entirely. Our seawall repair services in Naples, FL can prevent this from happening by addressing the loss of supporting soils. Continuous water movement can wash out the base soils and create voids below the seawall. Eventually, these voids will cause sinkholes and settlement of the soil along the seawall. Our seawall repair services will protect your property for years to come.

If you live on a seaside property, you know how important it is to have a well-maintained seawall. Not only do seawalls protect you and your property from dangerous waves, they also serve as a great place for recreational activities. Bicycles, jogging, and taking walks along the shore are all popular activities by the seashore. Seawall repair services can help keep these activities safe for everyone. While it may be tempting to wait until the problem becomes critical, it's best to be proactive. If you've noticed any of the following, your seawall needs repair. Cracks, outward movement, bulging, or general deterioration could be signs that it's time to call in a professional. Leaving the problem untreated may cause even bigger problems for your property. That's why it's vital to hire a company that specializes in seawall repair. Proper maintenance and repair of the seawall will help protect your investment. We offer expert seawall repair services to keep your seawall in top shape. For an affordable price, contact our experts today!


As your local premier dock builders, if your seawall has gone beyond repair, our refurbishing service is the best way to solve the issue and reinstate your safety. Working with only the highest quality materials and products plus state-of-the-art equipment and methods, our seawall services will refurbish your wall back to the strongest and safest it can be. Able to work on all kinds of walls, in any condition, get in touch today and begin the process to reinstate your seawall to strength once more. Whether your seawall is deteriorating due to weather conditions or is suffering from other damage, our seawall refurbishing service can help you out. Our highly experienced team will assess the seawall's condition and offer advice on how to proceed. We can also replace concrete caps, tiebacks, and panels. After an inspection, we will also replace any damaged seawall components.

Our seawall refurbishing service is a fast, cost-effective way to repair a failing seawall. Erosion can deteriorate seawalls in many ways, including the loss of support soils. When seawater continues to move along the seawall, the base soils wash away, leaving voids beneath it. These voids can eventually lead to sinkholes and settlement along the seawall. If this happens, it is important to act immediately.If you live in Florida, your home is likely located near water. This can cause a number of problems for your property. In addition to causing erosion, a failing seawall can lead to unstable foundations and voids in the ground. If the seawall is not repaired promptly, the ground behind the seawall can even begin to erode and sink. Lastly, your seawall may have damaged the foundations of nearby slabs. This can result in trip hazards and compromised foundations.

Seawall Erosion Protection

A seawall is in place to protect the land. Our repairs and refurbishing services will ensure that your wall is working to maximum effect, ensuring efficiency and protecting you for many years to come. With a team of experts who are vastly experienced, you can be assured that your seawall will be rejuvenated and modified to provide exactly what your property needs to be protected. We do this by assessing every wall thoroughly, looking at its current condition and success, as well as matching the repairs exactly to the existing material, securing it completely, and reinstating strength.

In addition to helping protect properties from floods, our seawall erosion protection services can also help to prevent erosion and protect structures located near the ocean. Engineers often design seawalls to prevent coastal erosion in order to protect property from damage. These structures hold back land from moving toward the sea and provide an effective barrier between water and soil. As an added benefit, they can also help to protect valuable structures located near the ocean. In addition to the use of concrete seawalls, we also design and build a seawall that will protect coastal properties from storms. These structures protect property from storm surges, upland erosion, and cliff overtopping. They are usually massive concrete structures located along the coast. Often, they are a lot higher than the difference between the beach and the mainland. In some areas, the crest of the wall will even serve as a parking lot or promenade.

Seawall erosion protection is crucial for the preservation of beaches. These are both valuable environmental and economic areas. The United States is home to tens of thousands of miles of shoreline, with many inhabitants living close to the shoreline. While seawalls can provide both protection for people and property, they can also serve an important role in preventing erosion. As sea levels rise, scientists in the U.S. have discovered that coastlines have been eroding for 100 years or more, and that erosion is likely to continue to increase.


Seawall materials are incredibly expensive, and the type of material you choose depends largely on the environment in which you will be placing the wall. Golf lakes and small canals can benefit from lighter products than oceanfront properties. If you need a seawall for a home or commercial property, however, you will need something that is sturdy and long-lasting. Our expert repair and refurbishment services are available for all kinds of existing seawalls. With the skills and experience to work on all materials and settings, we have you covered whether you have a rock seawall, a vinyl seawall, or a stone seawall. We can also help no matter the location including a dock, beach walls, golf course seawalls, and landscaping seawalls. Whatever your requirement, we have the knowledge and skills to ensure a safe, strong, and durable repair is performed. Our goal is to make sure that all our work leaves your property in the safest and most protected position, in a condition that will last for many more years.

Concrete is an excellent choice for seawalls, but concrete isn't cheap and will need to be treated regularly. Concrete is a durable material that won't corrode and can last for decades. However, you must carefully follow the instructions for concrete pouring to avoid damaging marine organisms. Large boulders are also an excellent choice for seawalls, as they hold soil in place and control water. And if you have a tight budget, composite seawalls can be a cheaper solution. These materials are also easy to install and can fit into tight spaces, too.

While not as durable as concrete and metal, vinyl is extremely versatile and lightweight, making it easier to transport and install. Vinyl also doesn't require painting, which makes them appealing for environmentally sensitive locations. Lastly, vinyl seawalls are also a good choice if you want a seawall that won't negatively impact the surrounding landscape.

Steel seawalls are the most popular type of seawall materials. They're sturdy and withstand the elements, but their durability and beauty make them worth the expense. These seawalls are also easy to install and require very little maintenance. And while they may not be as durable as a concrete wall, they are definitely worth the cost. Steel seawalls are typically eight, seven, or five gauge thick. They are galvanized and driven deep into a river, lake, or ground to a depth that equals the height of the wall. Dead man anchors are also used to secure the seawall to the shoreline. But be careful when installing a steel seawall. If you don't have enough experience, we highly recommend a professional installer. The downside is that they may require additional maintenance and repair work in the future. And steel seawalls are not only durable, they're also relatively cheap to install.